Relationship Mastery gives you the exact steps to find a proverbs 31 wife and mastering your relationship.

Who it's for?

Men who want to find a wife and master their relationship righteously, but lack the knowledge and
blueprint to do so. If this is you, you're probably struggling with:

- You find it difficult to communicate your needs and expectations.

- You don't know how to identify a godly woman.

- You don't know how to identify an immoral woman.

- You keep attracting women who lose interest, settle or  waste your time.

- You keep making mistakes that push women away.

- You don't understand how to build a relationship.

- You feel insecure around women you find attractive.

- You keep attracting women who are incompatible with you. 

- You recognise you have a knowledge gap, struggle with lust or have deep rooted insecurities.

- You want to heal from a previous relationship, childhood trauma and unlearn immoral relationship advice.

How To Join Relationship Mastery

If you’re interested in mastering relationships righteously, then schedule a call using the calendar below or press the "BOOK CALL" button on this websites homepage and Christian will meet with you on zoom to see if RM is a good fit.


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